If you are applying for an Individual Account, you may:


apply using our Online Application; or


download the Individual Account Opening Form and return the completed form to us in the post or by email.

Please read our Product Disclosure Statement. This sets out important information that will help you decide whether the derivatives that we offer are right for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

 PDFs require Adobe Reader, which is available free from Adobe.


Please note that we are required to verify the identity of each of our customers.

We can verify your identity using any of the following options:


You can attend at our office in Auckland and bring original documents that prove your identity and address from the following list of acceptable documents.


Please take the original AND a photocopy of your proof of:

  • identification (must include a good quality photograph of your head and face); and
  • address

(please click on list of acceptable documents)

to an acceptable certifier and send us the original certified copy in the post.


Please email us a good copy:

  • photograph of your proof of identity from one of the following:
    • your valid New Zealand passport - bio / photo page only;
    • your valid New Zealand driver licence;
    • your valid Chinese National ID card; and
  • of your proof of address from one of the following (must be less than 3 months old):
    • utility bill;
    • council rates notice;
    • landline phone bill; or
    • bank statement

following which we will attempt to verify the validity of these documents using our electronic identity verification tools. Please note this is not always possible and we may need to ask you to verify your identity using one of the other options.

For further considerations when undertaking electronic identity verification; please click here.