If you prefer that we verify your identity through our online sources, please supply us with a copy of a proof of identity document and a proof of address document from the following:

Proof of identity (must be valid)

Passport (New Zealand only) – please

photograph the bio / photo page

Drivers Licence (New Zealand only)

National ID Card (must be issued by the

Republic of China)

Proof of address (must be less than three months old)

Utility Bill

Council Rates Notice

Landline Phone Bill

Bank Statement

Please send us a high resolution digital photograph of your proof of identity. Please ensure all four corners of the document are in frame when the photograph is taken. Place the document on a plain, dark surface, avoid dark areas and glare, and hold the camera steady.

If you supply us with proof of identity and proof of address documents to allow us to verify your identity and address using online data sources, you authorise us to upload the details to our third party service provider for the purposes of verifying your name, date of birth and address. Further, when you supply us with a copy of your proof of identity, you authorise our third party service provider to seek to verify the details with the issuing authority.

If you supply us with a photograph of a New Zealand passport as your proof of identity and your identity information is not verified through our third party service provider, you may make an enquiry as to why your information has not been verified. We will submit your enquiry to our third party service provider. During this enquiry process no adverse action will be taken based on or due to the verification process.