As a licensed derivatives issuer in New Zealand, Hantec Markets (New Zealand) Company Limited is required by law to hold client funds in one or more segregated client bank accounts. This means that we will hold our own funds separately from yours, and we are not permitted to use your funds for our own purposes.

We have engaged our auditor to conduct a statutory client money assurance report. The purpose of this report is to confirm whether, in the auditor’s opinion, there is reasonable assurance that our processes, procedures, and controls were suitably designed to meet the regulatory control objectives throughout the most recently completed accounting period and operated effectively throughout that accounting period. A copy of this assurance report will be made available to you upon request.

In the event of our insolvency, the Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014 would automatically impose a trust over your funds. This means that any client funds that we hold cannot be used to settle our liabilities. The Financial Markets Authority would be responsible for appointing the trustee.